Pin Drop - Some Bad News…

Dear Pindroppers,

This is possibly the hardest email I’m ever going to have to write and to be honest with you not one I ever expect to have to write. After three fantastic years working on Pin Drop I’ve been forced to make the decision to close down the company and (as it is) the Pin Drop app.

Before I say any more I want to thank each and every one of you for downloading and supporting Pin Drop. A massive thanks to the various team members at Caffeinehit, our advisors, friends and families.

** There will be a new version of Pin Drop coming out soon that will work completely offline (data will be held locally on your handset). You will also be able to export all of your data until we switch the servers. More information about this will be coming soon. **

I came up with the idea for Pin Drop back in 2010 due to the frustrations I had with remembering places and the limitations I found with Google Maps. The first version of the app launched in March 2011 and bootstrapped all the way up to March 2014.

Caffeinehit had been building awesome products for various clients since 2007 and the desire to create our own products was always there. Pin Drop was the one we felt could change the world and got some funding in early 2014 allowing the team to purely focus on developing Pin Drop rather than client work.

Fast forward to today and sadly we were unable to secure the necessary funding to turn Pin Drop in to the world changing app we envisaged.

What’s Next?
It’s with an incredibly heavy heart (unless a miracle happens in the next few days) that I have to announce I’m going to be forced to close things down.

A new version of Pin Drop will be released next week with limited functionality, no social features and no secure cloud based date backup. I’ll be emailing you again with an update once the app has been submitted.

I can’t thank you all enough for all of the love, support and enthusiasm you’ve shown over the years, it really is what drove us on every day. Most importantly thank you for believing in us and using our brilliant little app.

Over and out and thank you (and sorry again) from the bottom of my heart,
Andy @ Pin Drop HQ

That’s About It…
If you have any other questions or feedback, please drop us an email.

Looking for Clay

Bashing and bumping down a rugged dirt track, the car stalls at the bottom of a rocky creek bed. The dry landscape that surrounds the car belies the fact that for 3 months a year, this tiny creek pulses from a meagre trickle to a raging torrent within a matter of hours. Such is the intensity of rain around Dili during the wet season.


Lazio, Leo and I are winding our way across the north coast of Timor-Leste in search of good clay, something pure enough that we can use to make a decent brick. Timor-Leste is a tiny island half nation, merely a skip across the water from Australia, and bordered by the far reaches of eastern Indonesia. 


As a new country recovering from a generation of forced, brutal Indonesian occupation, Timor-Leste is slowly building up from the ashes to improve the lives of its people. With over two thirds of the population living on less than two dollars per day, much of the housing in Timor-Leste is very basic to say the least.

To help to improve this, for the last twelve months Engineers Without Borders Australia has been partnering with Community Housing Limited, to assist them in the development of low-cost, locally made building materials. A key part of this work has focused on the development of Compressed Stabilised Earth Bricks. Produced using a mixture of clay, sand and cement, the bricks are a robust and modern solution to the housing issues in Timor - but getting the right mix is crucial to success.


For the last week our team has been scouring the hills around Hera, looking for a good clay resource for our future building projects. With the challenge of visiting a multitude of sites in a matter of days, collating photos, soil reports, site access notes and GPS locations, I was struggling to work out how to combine all this info.  Back in Australia every time you come across a problem people are always saying “Ah, there’s an app for that”, so with a quick search I was very pleased to find Pin Drop.

Luckily, Timor-Leste has great internet coverage across much of the country, meaning that each time we find a potential resource, we could bag a soil sample, take a few pictures, write some notes and log it all within Pin Drop. Needless to say this has saved us a lot of time and has created a great system that we can use to log all our sites. It will no doubt be a great resource for the team to use in the future once my time in the country is complete. 


» Story by Hamish Banks, Structural Engineer  

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Deck of Secrets

"Nice job with the relaunch of the app! I’ve been a long-term user but from now on I will use it religiously when researching new guides. I just cannot get the accuracy I need for geocoding using any of the big name apps and mapping sites.

Pin Drop is one of the most valuable tools I use when researching my Deck of Secrets guides. Visiting out of the way places in Bali and Phuket and using Pin Drop means I get accurate coordinates that go on to become part of our apps and let our customers find the best experiences on these ill-mapped islands. 

I’m a digital nomad travelling the world. Often I pass by interesting places I want to return to. Travelling by train towards Madrid one day I saw an intriguing and massive sculpture of a human head on top of a hill. Using Pin Drop I was able to visit the park and discover the 13m high sculpture of a woman’s head by Manolo Valdés.”


» Story by Michelle Matthews

Press Roundup

Our thanks goes to the following technology reviews:




Blog Mapping - Pin Drop Around the World

A roundup of bloggers who enjoy making lists using Pin Drop:

» Sunshine, Surfing & S’mores

Kiersten is a native South Californian, who left her corporate career to travel the world, volunteer in developing countries, and discover her own happily ever after. She shares her adventures as The Blonde Abroad, leaving trails of recommendations - like swimming in hotel pools or pitching your tent with Hip Camp.

Best Hotel Pools | Top 10 Campsites in California


(Photo Credit: Panorameo)

» Adventures of Sustainable Lunacy

Annette writes about the art of living differently. She is a digital nomad and athlete who loves skydiving, BASE jumping, paragliding, rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits.

"I’m stoked to make other lists with Pin Drop… a neighborhood guide for renters of the loft I own in Salt Lake City, a guide for BASE jumpers traveling to Monte Brento (another classic BASE destination), a paraglider’s guide to Olüdeniz, Turkey… The list goes on.”

BASE Jumper’s Guide to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


» The Boulervardiers

French bloggers Hit-Bag want people to learn from their bad experiences during London Fashion Week. Apparently, it’s not just about designer clothes, but fashionistas need tips on where to party, eat, and more importantly, where to find wifi!

London Fashion Week SS15


» Playing games in the city that never sleeps

Chris Scott is a born and raised resident of New York, and manages 8 Bit & Up, one of the last remaining retailers of vintage games and systems. Concerned that the city still lacks visible places to sit down and play video games (you know, apart from your living room), he highlights where you can hit some buttons with friends.

Play Video Games in NYC



pin drop installation

Locations aren’t just points on a map that we check out or check into. Life is about our stories, and life is about leaving the house.
Remember the places for work, travel and play:


pin drop installation

Locations aren’t just points on a map that we check out or check into. Life is about our stories, and life is about leaving the house.

Remember the places for work, travel and play:

Who let the dogs out?

Paws for a few minutes to read this… ;)

Crochet For Your Grey

We love discovering the various hobbies of our super users. When Melissa emailed us, we found out about her pet products store on Etsy called Grey Baby Crochet:

 “I started an online store selling handmade crafts, and started getting orders from near and far. I use Pin Drop to put a pin on all the locations I ship my creations to. 

I create a different tag for each of the different products I sell (one for sharks, deer, collars, etc). Each one has a different colour so I can easily see what type of product went where. I add photos to each tag that customers send me of their dogs wearing the snoods as well. It’s satisfying to be able to see and share with other people all the locations all over the world my handiwork goes to!” 


Lost & Found

A black and cream Dachshund named Po went missing in Oackham Leicester. Local coordinators from used Pin Drop to create a map of reported sightings, which they used to establish lanes or roads so they can drive around to find the pet, and put posters in the areas to boost awareness of the search. Thankfully, Po was found and is back home with his owners.

Fido à la vidéo

An article by  Le Devoir (In French) reported on how mobile technology has crept into the work of the dog walker.

One particular walker creates video walks to update the owners of their dogs’ adventures, and uses Pin Drop to trace her route when she needs to pick up the dogs to take them for a walk.


Dog Day Afternoon

You’ve heard of cat cafes right? Well some canine fans want their own hangout place. The Happiness of Hounds in London will soon be offering the best grooming services and products, canine treats, nutrition and advice. Definitely worth having on the radar, and adding to our 'dog tag' list to visit when it’s open for business.



Flip a coin, drop a pin.

I like to keep track of great memories, whether it is a ball game, a great bar, an obstacle race like Tough Mudder or Spartan, or a big outing.  I take a picture, drop the pin, and write who I was with and what we did in the description.

I use Pin Drop for something unique and special that I came up with for a fun time with my wife - we came up with the idea for a "Coin Trip"

You take a weekend, get in the car with no destination, and constantly come up with two options throughout the trip. You then flip a coin and go where the coin tells you. It could be the option between 2 highways - north or south - or towards this state or that.  It was really fun to have an adventure with no destination in mind, and no idea where we would end up!

Recently we got in the car after work on a Friday. From Connecticut we went north through Providence, swung out into New Hampshire to stay Friday night in Boston and finished the trip in Portland Maine on Saturday night. It ended up being great because my wife had never been to Maine before and she thought it was absolutely beautiful. It was an unbelievable memory!

Every single time I flipped the coin for a trip - we dropped a pin.  I keep my pins private for my own memory, though my wife was dropping the pins and sharing on Facebook so everyone could track our progress. Our friends loved it.  At the end, we had a crazy map of all the times we flipped coins and was able to actually see the entire path we took.  I then used pictures of either a highway sign, a state logo or “Welcome to” sign and built out the entire trip to revisit - or eventually print out the map with all the pin drops.

Right now I have a lot of great memories stored in Pin Drop, so thank you!

» Story by Nick Razzette 


My Love Story Photography

A few years ago I introduced two friends of mine to one another. One had some experience of developing apps and the other wanted to create one. It was a good excuse to have a few drinks with friends but I was also really interested in my friends’ idea of creating an app for pinning places you find. In a world where distances seem shorter and we travel around a lot it’s very hard to remember all the interesting places you find. I am a very visual person so lists of things don’t really work for me. An app where I could document all the places I find, have been recommended or read about would be amazing. I don’t remember how I came across Pin Drop, but I immediately sent it to my two friends in excitement!

I am a wedding photographer and my work is location based. I need to map out locations for my photographic jobs so I could visualise if any locations were near to each other when trying to see clients. Pin Drop took it to a next level making on the go pinning very easy and intuitive. I travel more and more all over the world so dropping pins has become very important to me. My tags are generally quite generic like Pubs, Restaurants, Deli, etc. It is especial useful when trying to remember good places to meet clients for meetings. I am even set up more specialist collabrative tag for other photographers to contribute to. There are even some more fun ones I created like Bucket List and Beautiful Places. I drop pins sometimes daily but at least once a week. It even inspired me to create a map on my website to visualise my travels and make my work more interactive.

Most of my pins are public and hopefully I will get to share and collaborate more with friends in the future. One of my favourite pins is for a little coffee stall called Ethiopian Kaffa Coffee in Dalston, serving amazing coffee out of handle-less cups. These sorts of place are hard to remember but I saved the pin as soon as friend told me about it, and this is why Pin Drop is so perfect. 

» Story by Alex Dimopoulos | Wedding Photographer |


Having worked on the latest updates for both iOS (3.1) and Android (1.2), we’ve now enabled attachment of Audio and Video Clips to pins!

Attach x1 audio file (up to 20 seconds), and/or as many videos as you want, each up to 15 seconds to a pin.

This should be a useful addition for anyone curating guided tours, creating scavenger hunts, or simply recording memories of your travels.

Do send us any friendly feedback via :)